Ageing Skin Concerns

“Ageing of the skin is a fact of human life, but understanding the nature of how skin works helps us to slow down the visible effects of the inevitable ageing process. Years of subtle yet serious vitamin A shortages can lead to the skin ageing too quickly. Helping to slow down the effects of the ageing process, preserving the importance of our vital immune functions and assisting in prevention of the possibility of skin cancer can all be helped by the regular application of optimal levels of topical vitamin A, peptides and antioxidants. Protection against excessive exposure to ultraviolet light by using the right sunscreen is also essential to maintain the appearance of firm, youthful-looking skin well into our golden years.”

  • Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACGP

We would recommend visiting our clinic or filling out our online consultation to help us get a clear understanding of your skin. These recommendations are generic advice but we always prefer to give each client a tailored solution.

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