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Cell Story's innovative liquid microneedling treatment, harnessing the power of Microspear® technology with 50,000 microneedles, is now available in the UK and Ireland.
We're excited to share that our sucessful skin clinic in Northern Ireland is now a proud distributor of Cell Story throughout the UK and Ireland, a product that has truly set a new standard in skincare advancements. Much like you, our quest for cutting-edge skincare solutions has led us to trial numerous treatments. Yet, the rapid efficacy and remarkable outcomes of Cell Story truly distinguished it in a class of its own.

It's not just another addition to our offerings; it's a revelation. Perfect for clinics, therapists, and aesthetic practitioners, Cell Story delivers visibly amazing skin Fast, distinguishing itself from everything else we've experienced.

Kathy Elliott / CEO

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The Process 

I Tried the Cellstory “Liquid Microneedling” Treatment—and It Was Like Nothing I’d Ever Experienced 

I Tried Liquid Microneedling & My Makeup-Free Skin Has Never Looked Better

Liquid Microneedling Made My Skin Look Glowier and Bouncier Than Any Laser Treatment I’ve Ever Tried

For the next few weeks, I felt a lot more confident going out without makeup because my pore size, skin plumpness, and skin tone looked so much better.  

What makes Cell Story so different.

Cell Story's standout feature is its patented Microspear® ingredient, comprising 50,000 micro-needles extracted from freshwater sponges. These micro-needles are designed to create channels within the skin, enhancing ingredient absorption and rejuvenating skin appearance without the need for numbing or downtime. With this advanced technology, skin can naturally exfoliate and regenerate skin cells within 72 hours, surpassing the effects of traditional micro-needling.



patented microspear® technology

Cellstory's patented Microspear® technology offers a revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation

non invasive fast and visible results 

Experience rapid, visible skin improvements with Cellstory's non-invasive treatment

minimal to no downtime after treatment

Enjoy the benefits of Cellstory with minimal downtime, getting back to your routine swiftly

suitable for a wide range of skin concerns / types

Cellstory is adept at addressing a broad spectrum of skin issues, catering to diverse skin types

Advanced skincare backed by science.

Cell Story utilises a patented technology called Micro-Spear®, which is designed to rejuvenate the skin by delivering active ingredients deeply and effectively, without the need for needles. 


This innovative approach allows for rapid and visible improvements in skin texture, reduction of fine lines, and enhanced skin radiance. The technology leverages the natural healing processes of the skin, making it a standout solution for advanced skincare treatments.

Cellstory: Skincare Revolution

Cellstory is an innovative skincare solution that bypasses the discomfort and adverse effects often associated with traditional microneedling procedures. It targets a broad spectrum of skin concerns, including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around sensitive areas like the mouth, eyes, and forehead, and addresses issues like acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, post-inflammatory marks and uneven skin texture. 


The result of using Cellstory is not just an improvement in these areas but also the enhancement of the skin's overall health, leading to a supple and radiant glow.

Real support when you

 need it most

Partnering with us for Cell Story means unparalleled training and support at your fingertips. We're committed to being readily available to address any questions or concerns, ensuring your clients receive the utmost benefit from each treatment. Our priority is your success; we provide the tools and guidance necessary to drive exceptional results for your clients, enhancing their satisfaction and your clinic's reputation.


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