The Truth About Acne

The Truth About Acne

This is probably the most common skin problem I deal with on a daily basis. There are many different forms of acne as you can see from some of my clients pictures. Unfortunately acne cannot be cleared overnight. It's a progressive journey , one that has many twists and turns in the road.

As long as I keep the client committed and focused through it, we will come out the other side. It's very important to understand the causes, types, and contributors to acne so an acne sufferer understands the process of what is needed. 

Please note this is a long read but like treating acne there are no quick fixes or shortcuts, if you make it to the end I promise you that you will have a much better understanding of acne and a much better chance of getting your skin in a healthier condition.

1.What are the main CAUSES of acne ?

The effect of hormones on the sebaceous glands

Over production of sebum ( wrong type of oil produced ) 

Excess keratinisation ( build up of dead skin )


2.What Other factors CONTRIBUTE to Ance ?

Stress. An Increase in stress will increase testosterone which in turn increases oil production 

Diet ( gut issues ). A healthy bowel equals healthy skin. If toxins are not getting removed from the body it comes out on the skin. A constipated client will always display breakouts below ears and along jawline. 

Products ( the use of wrong products )

Behavioural issues such as touching the face, laying on dirty pillowcases etc...are not the CAUSE of the acne but would not bring any benefit to the situation either. 

3.What are the different types of Acne?

Inflammatory acne


Non inflammatory acne 

-underskin congestion 

Understanding which type of acne you are suffering is paramount to know how it should be getting treated and what home routine you should be on. Its not a 'one full acne routine' suits all. It must be tailored. 

4.What effects your acne ?

-Heat ( increases oil production)
-Mechanical ( rubbing increases sebaceous glands)
-Cosmetics ( many lead to congestion, needs to be mineral makeup to allow skin to breath )
-Environmental factors ( where skin is living, eg. Place of work)

5.Would food cause my Acne?

No, food would not cause your acne BUT too much sugar and dairy can have a direct link to growth insulin factor. If this is increased, it increases sebaceous activity, which in turn is oil production. 
Eating alot of diary can lower your oestrogen levels and a decline in oestrogen will increase sebaceous activity ( oil production). 

6. Is all acne oily skin ? 

No, acne sufferers can have what we call 'oily acne' or 'dry acne'. Again which one would determine on which products you should be using at home. In fact dry acne would be very common. Which is why an in depth consultation is essential. 

7. Would an antibiotic help my Acne ?

Antibiotics can be applied topically to the skin or orally through tablet form. These will only treat one of the 'causes' of acne as I mentioned previously...bacteria!
These do work temporarily but not good for long term health. They only push the pause button on your acne, as soon as you come if it, it will return. 

8. Should I go on the pill for my acne? 

Again just like Antibiotics they only treat one 'cause' of the acne, but this one will be helping with the effects that hormones have on your sebaceous glands which results in over production of sebum. Going on the pill will reduce sebum by 50% . But unfortunately once again all you are doing is hitting the pause button as once you come off it your sebaceous activity will return to normal and may breakout quite bad again. I find clients then go back on it again, and end up in a vicious circle. 

9.How do products help with the cause of acne ?

As I stated previously there are 4 main causes of acne and and we aim at treating each one as follows ....

- The effects of hormones 
Clients would go on a range of supplements (natural skin supplements) which helps and has been proven to deal with the hormonal effects on acne. 

- Over production of sebum 
We focus on products that have been proven to reduce oil production in 28 days (sarcosine), and salicylic acid that cuts through oil and vitamin A which regulates sebum production.

- Bacteria 
We focus on ingredients like tea tree that is a natural anti bacterial on the skin and anti inflammatory to accelerate healing on the skin. 

- Hyperkeratisation (build up of dead skin) 
We aim at applying ingredients to the skin that are AHA,s (apha hydroxy acid)  that will exfoliate the surface of the skin by breaking down the 'glue' that holds them together and BHA,s that penetrates the pores and hair follicles, clearing them of debris at a deeper level. Also vitamin A (medium level retinyl propionate as Ance needs this level) to promote cell renewal to assist the skins natural exfoliation. 

10. What treatments are good for Ance?

Treatments like microdermabrasion etc...I would strongly advise to AVOID. This would be far to aggressive for acne and will only result in making the situation worse. I recommend a variety of treatments from peeling the skin with acids like salicylic on a regular basis to light therapy to  extraction facials etc....but these must be done along with a very strict home routine. We must NEVER microneedle skin until all acne is redundant. Then we start the needling process to clear PIH ( post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and other forms of scaring left from the trauma. 

I also believe that #skinjourneys MUST have support. Way back when I started skin journeys, I believed that putting clients on home routines (although very important) was just no where near enough.

I strongly feel everyone must have constant support and guidance to ensure consistency, understanding, focus and to ensure we have continued progression. 

I know it can be information overload but it's all information that clients do not have to worry too much about. Thats where I come in ...thats my job.  All I ask of the client is to follow your personal advised routine and treatment plan, keep communicating, drink loads of water, get that gut healthy and have patience. All good things come to those that wait . 

I hope you learned something new and have confidence that your acne can be brought under control when you are armed with the correct information, you are on the correct home care routine and when needed you receive the correct professional treatments.

If you would like to start a Sanctuary Skin Journey with me the first step is a filling in our online questionnaire. You can find it in the link below

Kathy xx