The answers to the most common questions when using Environ

1.Why should I use vitamin A?

Everything that defines healthy, beautiful looking skin is a direct result of vitamin A. It is the ONLY known molecule that helps keep skin healthy.
Vitamin A deficiency leads to skin abnormalities such as pigmentation irregularities, sun damage, aging etc......
In order for us to combat this vitamin A deficiency, is to replenish it into our cells everyday. Which is why the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ skincare is Vitamin A. It must be replaced daily for the skin to appear healthier and more resilient.

2. I have sensitive skin, can I use it?

Yes! Environ has created a way to overcome potential side effects of vitamin A with their proprietary Vitamin A Step-Up System. This system was created to help skin ( even sensitive skin) to become more comfortable with increased levels of vitamin A. The step up system created starts with Avst gel ( for sensitive/impaired skin) or Avst 1, and you will then continue to work you way up through the levels 2,3,4, and so on...we expect you to complete 1 or 2 bottles of each level until you reach level 4. Then we expect you to use 2/3 bottles due to the higher, more potent form of vitamin A.

Problematic skin ( eg. Inflammatory Acne, rosacea etc....) will not follow this step up system in this way. They have their own vitamin A skin journey to follow that will be advised during your personal skin plan and guided by myself.

3.Can I use my Environ products I bought last year?


No, no and no again ! Once you open your product it must be used with 10 to 12 weeks. The ingredients become inactive therefore you are gaining little to no benefit of the product. Environ products have such fresh, highly active, effective ingredients to ensure best results. Your bottle of Avst moisturiser is expected to last approx 8 weeks if you are using it as you should, which is 2 pumps in morning and 2 pumps at night, EVERYDAY. To progress well this should be followed.

4.What exfoliator will I use?

None! I do not advise to use any other exfoliator that you may have at home when on vitamin A. Vitamin A increases your cellular turnover (naturally exfoliating) as you are applying it everyday, therefore the skin does not need any scrubbing or abrading. It will do more harm than good.

5.When will I move up to next level ?

If you are just about to finish your level and your skin has had no unwanted responses ( ie. Dryness, red, flaky skin etc..) then you can safely move onto the next level. With the exception of once you get to level 4, when we do require you to then use 2/3 bottles. If you have experienced any of the retinoid responses or a retinod reaction on a level, then I would ask you to complete another bottle of that same level. This will give the skin longer to acclimatise.

6.When will I start to home roll?

I advise to start homerolling once you are on level 2 for a few weeks with having had no unwanted responses.


7.What is homerolling?

Home rolling is a rolling device with tiny needles that we roll all over the skin ( no more than 0.2mm in depth should be used) and is completely pain free. The purpose of this is to create tiny micro channels in the skin so that your products following can penetrate through the layers effectively. It will increase absorption from 10% to 80%. I class it as a complete game changer to your home routine. Please note : homerolling will NOT stimulate collogen, only create micro channels. Medical grade microneedling is needed for collogen production. Therefore there is no benefit at all in homerolling if you are not applying the all important ingredients straight after....vitamin A, vitamin C, peptides and antioxidants.
Please note..do not roll over breakouts.

8.Can I buy any homeroller?

I advise a good quality homeroller to ensure the needles are made of high grade material that will not rust or fall out and are sharp enough to pierce the skin. Also so it will last. Environ homeroller can last up to 2yrs, cleaned on a weekly basis.

9. How long will I roll for and why is it important?

I advise to roll for 3 to 5 mins every night ( face and neck). You start by rolling a few times a week to get skin acclimatised. Then build up to every night. Routine will be..... cleanse, tone, roll, then apply all your actives. The reason why I will promote all my clients to introduce rolling is because of the wonderful job that vitamin A is doing. As we increase the amount of vitamin A in our skin, the skin cells become much more compacted. Visually this is beautiful thing but the catch now is that our products struggle to penetrate the skin. Therefore we must create a pathway for all our actives to get into the skin, so they can do their job. So in comes the roller!

10.Should I tone?

Yes! Toning is a very important part of your routine as its preparing your skin to assist in absorption of your products to follow.

11. How often do I have to do my routine?

You must follow through your skin routine every morning and every night. Part time skin lovers will not progress as well as full time skin lovers will. You will get out what you out in.

12. Why is my skin tingling when applying my products after I roll?

Your active ingredients are now getting to penetrate the skin. You have jumped from approx 10% absorption to 80% absorption, so you will feel it. They are now getting in there to do their job so it's a good tingle not a bad one !

13. When do I get my next level of Avst in?

I advise to get your next level in before your current one runs out so you can slowly introduce it. For example if you are moving from avst 1 to avst 2, purchase in your level 2 when you know that level 1 bottle is getting light. Then continue to use level 1 in morning and start to use level 2 at night. Continue this until level 1 runs out completely then move onto level 2 morning and night. Slowly acclimitising the skin minimises the risk of any unwanted retinoids responses. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not let one bottle completely run out and have a gap of no use before moving onto next level.

14. Do I need a SPF.

Yes! We are doing a wonderful task everyday of applying our vitamin A on our journey to optimum skin health by building it up. But unfortunately daylight depletes it. Therefore we must apply an SPF everyday ( 12months of the yr) to not undo all our good work. Environ Rad15 or Apha day lotion is highly recommended. ( least amount of chemicals to help maintain skin health).

15. How to I advance my routine ?

I always advise for everyone to initiate their routine with their skin care essentials. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser and spf. You can then build up your routine around that to progress ie. Eyecream, serums and masks, continued with professional treatments .

16. Can I use any Vitamin A product?

Always remember air, heat and light forces your vitamin A to become inactive. If products with active ingredients are exposed to any if this, its unusable after 1st application. So how your products are packaged to sit in your bathroom shelf is so, so important. Thats why all Environ are sealed and protected from air, heat and light.

17. How will I know what products to use and how to progress?

Getting on a routine with the best products is one thing, but it is paramount that you are guided and supported as you are using them for you to obtain the best possible results.

If you made it this far well done, if you have any follow questions get in touch, one of our highly trained skin therapists will be more than happy to help.