The Do's and Dont's to help control breakouts and improve skin condition while wearing face masks

Skin complications from PPE:

Throughout this whole pandemic the biggest hurdle that I have had to over come with clients is the effects of PPE on their skin. It has been a huge barrier in our skin journeys. Unfortunately for our skin, the masks create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria..... Warm, dark and moist.

The DOs and DON’Ts....

In general, if you are wearing PPE and your skin is reacting negatively....

DO moisturise every morning and night to improve your skin’s barrier function. Ensure it's one that is suited to your skin type. Dehydrated skin will lose the fight under masks.

DON’T wear heavy make-up or foundation under the masks. No one can see your skin anyway.

DO cover any open sores and wounds, as these may provide an entry point for bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections. This will include no violence towards current breakouts where skin was slaughtered with a picking session.

DO consider the use of barrier creams under your masks to improve barrier function. Protect it like a baby.

DO cleanse the skin straight after your work shift. A cleanser that includes salicylic acid to counteract the obstruction in the pores. So get straight to the bathroom after work.

DON’T apply physical/harsh exfoliants to the area as these can exacerbate the inflammed skin. You can't scrub acne away...if only!!

DO consider spot treatments to apply directly onto breakouts after you cleanse.

DO remove any make up or sunscreen before bed. You get back what you put in.

DON’T exfoliate harshly as this creates microtears. Going at your skin with a vengeance only throws more more problems back at you.

DON’T be swayed to eat large amounts of sugary foods for extra energy that's needed. Sugar and dairy tend to increase Inflammation and breakouts. Stay away from the chocolate and cream buns.

DO continue to eat a healthy diet.

DO supplement if your diet is limited.

DO shower and wash hair more often if you find you are sweating more from the heat of wearing PPE. You will find breakouts/congestion more on forehead and around hairline and down sides of ears.

DON'T stress. Stress plays havoc with our hormones and you will find that you will then breakout more on lower part of the face and neck.

DON'T touch face. Once you remove your PPE you will find that you naturally want to touch/rub your face for comfort and help soothe skin. Please avoid. We want to avoid friction, heat and bacteria spreading.

Do treat skin. On nights/days off take the time to treat the skin with a Masque. One that includes Ingredients like salicylic acid, lactic acid, etc..if skin has broken out, to help fight bacteria and dissolves the congested pores or one with anti inflammatory ingredients if skin is red and inflamed.

Do follow a strict home routine through topical and oral skin supplements. Healthy skin will tolerate harsh conditions much better.

Skin brought up well, behaves well .

The Sanctuary is here for guidance, recommendations and continued support.